Saturday, September 29, 2007

Week 39 2007 Exercise Log

This week I ran 26km in 3hr27

Monday 24 September 2007
Distance: 6km
Total time: 45:55
Intervals: 65/90
Pace: 7:39 min/km
Average HR: 134 bpm
Energy used: 2299 kJ
Route: Albert

Wednesday 26 September 2007
Distance: 6km
Total time: 43:38
Intervals: 65/90
Pace: 7:16 min/km
Average HR: 132 bpm
Energy used: 2152 kJ
Route: Time Trial Route 

Friday 28 September 2007
Distance: 4km
Total time: 41:49
Intervals: 65/90
Pace: 10:27 min/km
Average HR: 120 bpm
Energy used: 1691 kJ
Route: Mackenzie

Took this one really easy, we walked the whole way, as prep for Saturday

Saturday 29 September 2007
Distance: 10km
Total time: 1:16:31
Intervals: 60/120
Pace: 7:39 min/km
Average HR: 135 bpm
Energy used: 3848 kJ
Route: McCarthy Volkswagen Classic Marathon Challenge, 10km Road race

Weight: 75kg 

Well I did more than a half marathon this week :P ... in total. And it looks like I might have come in for the 21.1 in under the 3 hour mark! So I really feel like I'm progressing and am on my way to my goal!

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