Saturday, September 29, 2007

McCarthy Volkswagen 10km road race

I can't say this was my first 10km road race, I did the 2005 Gun Run 10km, but this was really cool. I made the intervals easier, for the longer distance, mostly we ran for 1min and walked for 2. I say we, because I have 2 keen training partners, in fact I probably would have waited a bit longer to do a 10km if it wasn't for their encouragement.

So how was it? Well my cellphone alarm failed to wake me at 5:50, in fact I set it wrong, so I was woken up by a call from one of the ladies, wanting to pick me up! So 2 minutes later I was dressed with a sip of milk and my Jungle oats bar in my hand. Out to the car, there we go! I didn't forget anything!!

Got to the sports ground, got my race numbers etc, stretched a bit, we were a little warm from the walk from where we had parked. Then we were off. I'd say the first 3km were the worst, there was a gentle uphill and I was cold. But the rest was quite a breeze, at one point we skipped a running interval, it was a long gentle uphill. But we made it up elsewhere.

The only problem was that I think people were getting a little annoyed, because we kept overtaking the same fast walkers, so we decided to push a little harder to get away from them on the next gentle downhill, which we did, and then it was all good.

Towards the end I didn't tell them but I was adding time to the running intervals and removing from our resting time. We made it back in 1:16:31, although it could have been a little less than that because I forgot to stop my watch as we crossed the line.

All in all it was a great run, we had fun and I didn't feel like I couldn't go on at any point in the race. Obviously as we got to the end of the running intervals I would start to feel it, but after the rest/walk I was all good again. I'm starting to feel really good again!

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Andy Hadfield said...

I might be keen to run with you...especially if you take it slow. 10km. I could do that. let me know!