Thursday, September 20, 2007

Spar Ladies Race

I think I mentioned that I did the spar ladies race while I was in Cape Town. I wasn't feeling particularly strong, in fact it had been quite a physical weekend. My family and I moved a whole lot of stuff out of my rental property's garage, so I was pretty sore by the time Sunday came. Also, being away from home I of course didn't really eat right, and I hadn't run since Monday. Anyway I had a very chilled "race". In fact I walked most of the way.

But who said this wasn't supposed to be any fun? Being a ladies race I felt compelled to... well... check it out...

That's me and my mate Dave, before and after. He's agreed to run a half marathon with me when I get fit enough to do it... no getting out of it now Dave!! :P


Romy said...

Did Dave agree to those photo's been published???

Andy Hadfield said...

Oh my.