Sunday, October 7, 2007

Time trial improvements

I've been training pretty solidly for the past 5 months. I started off pretty slowly, doing about 30km a month and running really short intervals. I started off at about 20s running and 50s walking, which just happened to be the amount of time it took me to run the short edge of a field and walk the long edge. Once I was up to about 4km I was put out to pasture :P. No, I was allowed onto the road. Which was great because it is more entertaining than running in circles.

Once out on the road I was expected to take part in time trials, which entails running around a 2km loop. At the moment I am still only doing 4km time trials. Once I'm more comfy with running longer distances I'll start doing 6km time trials as well. I have only completed 3 time trials so far, I missed one because I was in Cape Town.

So my first time trial took me about 32mins which is 8min/km, my second took 29mins, which is a pace of 7:14min/km, the time trial I did this past Wednesday took me 27:24, which is a pace of 6:51. I would like to be able to run at a pace of 6min/km. I'm pretty sure that my running pace is about that fast, it's just that I walk too much, so as I increase my running times relative to my walking time I should get closer to that 6min/km goal.

An interim goal, before attempting a half marathon will be a sub 1hr 10km, I've wanted to be able to do that for a long time. So that will be the next thing I will work towards.

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Marli said...

I wanted to tell you that once again, you have inspired me to take up excersizing. It's so great to read about your progress and I want to do it to. I was very active until a few months ago, then life became hectic with the move to Germany, but now I want to start running again!

Thanks Mark and keep at it!