Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Week 37 (07/09/08 - 13/09/08)

Once again I have only the data in my log book (which I am once again very grateful for keeping) to add to this blog.

Monday morning 8/09/08
Nadda: I think I was lazy after too good a weekend

Monday evening 8/09/08
Distance run: 7km
Route: Clarke
Walked to and from running: 2km

Wednesday morning 10/09/08
Distance run: 2km
Time: 14:19

Wednesday evening 10/09/08
Distance run: 7.5km
Route: Spiral
Walked to and from running: 2km

Friday morning 12/09/08
Nadda: I have no excuse except laziness and resting for the 16km run that I did the on Saturday

Friday evening 12/09/08
Distance run: 4km

Saturday morning 13/08/08
Distance run: 16km
Route: Ou Voedpad 10 Miler!!
Time: 2:21

Total distance this week: 38.5km

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