Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Spar Ladies Race 2008

I've done blonde(maybe I'll dig the photo's out sometime), and redhead, this year a black afro ddin't seem like a bad idea! Unfotunately my faithful sidekick Davina wasn't there this year :(

However the socks against my chest got really itchy...not to mention moist and manky!

Here are some pics of the other palooka's that decided to run the race :PBelieve it or not thats a pic of my sexy behind!! :P
And this is a pic of me, with a sagging chest, and my running partner, Melodie, she is patient enough to run when I can run, and walk when I need to walk. I say... whats wrong with her :P
And here is a pic of me looking rather tired, but happy to be out of my gimp suit..
The race itself was hot and there was a lot more walking done than I normally do. Add to the heat a pair of sox on my chest and a wig, and it makes for a VERY hot mark...excuse the pun...it was never going to be fast so the 81 minutes was quite alright for me :) Not sure about the turquoise T-Shirt though.

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Romy said...

dude the turquoise t-shirts are all the rage! Lyns and I both like to wear ours to gym. Unfortuantely we tend to wear them on the same day and look like a bunch of tossers. O well at least we're actually making it to the gym! The weather looks so lekker for the race... ah summer ... such a distant feeling right now..