Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The temptation... the disappointment

I started my run really late yesterday, I got home from work, later than usual. I fumbled with the lock, holding my laptop in my other hand, then I double pressed one of the alarm buttons so the damned thing wouldn't disarm! Once I had sorted out that mini crisis, I got changed into my running kit on the double. Once I had my shorts and T-shirt on, I sat down on the couch to change my shoes and socks... then I put on my HR monitor and was ready to go, not to be late for the stretches before the run. I grabbed my car keys and my wallet... but where were my house keys? I spent a full 10 minutes looking on my bed, in the kitchen, under the cushions on the couch that I usually toss my keys on... I even looked in the bathroom and in the cupboards in my bedroom. My place is actually not that much of a mess and things don't usually get lost that easily. Anyway I found them on the couch I had sat on to change my shoes, they had slid down the side. 

I got to RW4L as everyone else was heading out. This means I need to do my stretches myself and then head out on my own after them. The first I see of them is on their way back from either the 4km turn around or the 5km turn around. I continue on to the 5km turn, I'm feeling good, strong, I'm keeping to my intervals, I'm not short of breath, my legs aren't burning... much. I turn around no problems. I've done about 3.5km and I'm jogging back down the long gradual hill that I climbed on the way out. One of the stronger runners comes up behind me in one of my walking intervals, on a normal day he would still be on his way out... he says "come it's not that far back", an interval starts... I run, we chat... it's great! I love running with people! He asks me how far I'm doing today... 5km...that's great he says... we run...I ask him how far he's gone... 8km... are you training for anything? I ask... no, just keeping fit through winter... oh... I will do the two oceans next year though... cool!! The full marathon?...Ja... my running interval ends, we carry on running, it's downhill and I'm still feeling strong, the temptation is to carry on running, it's feels so good, our footfalls keep pace, I'm breathing easily, I feel great, I glance at my watch, HR normal, my rest interval ends! We carry on running, I feel fine...

THIS is the temptation. To carry on when I really shouldn't, but I really don't want to tell him why I won't carry on either... the next running interval ends... we carry on running, I'm loving it, but I decide to stop... I say I'm going to walk a bit, he hesitates, I can see his disappointment, I really want to explain, but I also don't, so I just let him believe whatever it is he thinks... he carries on running.

I finish my run, I walk up to the guy and say thanks for the chat, he says "You must go for longer next time", I nod and smile.


Romy said...

smiled knowingly!!! :)

Andy Hadfield said...

The guy prob would have been proud to have been running with a hearty dude :)

btw, have you tried this? might be a cool tracker thing - and you could post screenshots to the blog