Wednesday, August 29, 2007


You know you've had a really good weekend when you put on 2 kgs! I had no self discipline! Well not really, I did go for a run on Sunday, but here's how it went down.

It was a 7hr drive to get to Manguzi, which is really the town on the Kosi bay lakes, in northern Kwazulu Natal. So I thought I could go for a run that afternoon, but when we got there, the time was spent shopping and catching up. Then it was an hours drive to the campsite in the middle of nowhere, which was great, except that the roads are all sand pits (4x4 essential) and I'm certainly not a life guard.

By that stage I was starving and when the chips came out, resistance crumbled! Then everyone's drinking beer and wine... need I say more, I was really quite good until a friend poured me, what I hoped was to be a single whiskey (I'm only human) but must have been a triple!

From there on everything just went out of the window, I tried in vain sometimes, but mostly I was weak! Chips, biltong, lots of soft drinks, water etc. Don't get me wrong I had a great time, it will just take me a few days to recover properly!

The really disappointing thing is that when I did go for a run I felt terrible, more because I was bloated and carrying a stack of water than anything else I think. I did 4.3km in 34:15 on Sunday. If I could have gone for a run that first day it could have been quite interesting... well I still have a race in Cape Town in 2 weeks time. 

So the question is this, when you go on holiday, with old varsity friends, how do you refuse alcohol and other things you shouldn't eat (which you don't really want to refuse anyway) without looking like a complete party pooper? How do you only drink a litre of water a day, when you are going from place to place? It's really hard!! 

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