Saturday, March 8, 2008

Week 10 Exercise Log

Took things very easy this week, except for on Wednesday's time trial which I pushed just a little bit. I think last time I did a 10km I didn't give myself enough rest afterwards, so this week I only did 4kms every day. Although on Sunday I went for an hours ride and on Tuesday I went for another 45min ride, so I guess I had quite a busy week. Work is a little stressful at the moment, so it's probably good to be getting some more exercise. I am reminded that I find cycling a lot easier than running, but the risks of cycling seem to be greater, so I'd rather run for now...besides I have a goal to achieve.

Monday 3 March 2008
Distance: 4km
Total time: 30:28
Intervals: 30/60
Pace: 8:04 min/km
Average HR: 139
Route: Boys High

Wednesday 5 March 2008
Distance: 4km
Total time: 28:14
Intervals: 45/60
Pace: 7:12 min/km
Average HR: 146
Route: Time Trial Clockwise

Friday 29 February 2008
Distance: 4.02km
Total time: 31:59
Intervals: 30/60
Pace: 7:57 min/km
Average HR: 139
Route: Clarke

What's cool for me about this week is that I'm back below the 8min/km mark. I'll try and keep it there

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