Thursday, January 29, 2009

71 days

Went for another nice run yesterday, 6km in 47minutes. It's a little slower than the 5 the previous day but I still felt good about it. Something I haven't mentioned in my posts is that my heartrate is unusually slow since I came back from holiday. At the moment I am struggling to get it above 120, where usually it flat lines (hehe) at about 140.

I lost another 0.3kg this morning and 0.5kg yesterday so thats a total of 2.3kg in less than a week. If thats not water weight then theres something strange going on, but I'm pretty sure thats what it is. I'm now pretty close to the same weight I was at the end of last year, so thats alright.

The plan is to do another 4km tomorrow, gently and then do a 10km race Saturday morning. I'm pretty sure I'll go through with it this time.

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