Sunday, April 27, 2014

A walk in the park - 27 April 2014

Jenny had offered to take us for a walk on a local hill a few weeks back but we were pretty tired or ill and decided to post pone. We asked if this weekend was good for her and she was happy to oblige. She even fetched us in a car, which we didn't know she had (or had access to). She's a really great CT to work with, always helpful and willing to go out of her way. I guess it helps her to practice her English too.

It was fantastic to get out into a more natural environment. DaJia, even though it is considered a small town is very built up and we aren't near to any parks or green areas. Coming from South Africa, this can be quite depressing. I hope that once we get a scooter we will be able to find some places to chill where it is nice and green and perhaps a little quieter than DaJai itself, with the Mazu temple's fireworks constantly exploding in your ears.

It was also great to get a bit of exercise that didn't involve walking to and from work. Jenny had just gotten over a cold and we were quite worried when she seemed very out of breath half way up quite a steep climb. I was also quite surprised at how easily we made it up, not having done any specific exercise since leaving SA.
Jenny and Renalda
Jenny and Mark (perhaps I should get a different hat)
Gotta dig those Virbams ;)
Really beautiful landscaping
It looks like a vygie!!
Walking in a maze of what looks like jasmin bushes
I can't remember the name of the goddess
Renalda trying her hand at pole dancing... I mean climbing ;)

The only wildlife we saw

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