Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another visit to the doc

The past few weeks haven't seen me improve much, infact nothing has changed, I can't run and when I walk fast uphill my heart goes ballistic. I decided perhaps it was time to go see the doctor again. So I phoned up early on Monday morning and had an appointment for just an ECG this morning. The ordinary ECG didn't show much, just that I had an eptopic (unusual/unexpected) beat every now and then, well probably every 5 beats actually.

Fact is, day to day I feel fine, it's just when I exert myself that I feel shody. So they put the ECG cables back on and put me on a treadmill. After 3/4mins I was walking fast at a relatively steep gradient and I could see the ECG measuring between 180 and 210 beats per minute. My heart should never go that fast! Anyway, I think what happens then is my blood pressure drops and I start to feel terrible. So once I'd cooled off I went to speak to the doc again and he said he thinks the bad signals are originating in one of my pulmonary veins and that I should go see an electrophysiologist (I think) to talk about a possible PVI (Pulmonary Vein Isolation). Another option however is a drug which I mentioned in an earlier post which modifies heart rythm but is only available in SA towards the end of the year, not too long to wait I guess...BUT if I'm on those drugs I'm on them for life, if I have a successful PVI then I won't need those specific drugs.

Decisions decisions. Whats happening in the meantime is I am already preparing for ANOTHER cardioversion on Friday. I'm taking amiodarone which is the nasty brother of the other drug coming onto the market. So hopefully things will be better again by the weekend. Whats more I seem to have picked up another cold which is getting me down a bit. Oh well, I think I'll get into bed and try write some software, or some thesis.

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