Thursday, February 19, 2009

Go ahead!!!

I should be my own cardiologist :P ... everything that I thought about my current state was confirmed. My ejection fraction is up again from 42 - 46, theres no denying it now. My heart is in normal sinus rythm... explains the "normal" reaction to exercise. He thinks I'm now on too much medication because my heartrate when they took my ECG was 46bpm, so he's decreasing my dose of atenelol from 50mg bd to 50mg/d.

Basically all is good and he is happy for me to do the 2 Oceans half marathon as long as I listen to my body and just aim to finish comfortably... nothing more. Which is exactly what I planned to do :) I have entered, now I've gotta complete the next 50 days with enough training and without injury :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,
I'm very happy to read this good news. Keep going and be blessed.

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you! And you continue to be an inspiration!!

etienne said...

Hi mark,

Great news that your hard work is overcomming your ticker difficulty. Im full of admiration, as a 1/4marathon nearly killed me. If you are trianing at an altitude, will you feel even better when you come down to the coast for the race? When is the big day? Hope the south easter is behind you all the way, though I know thiis is unlikely to be the case. Do you have any secret ingredient in your diet to keep you healthy? Granny used to swear by Vitamin E for a healthy circulatory system, and maintained that it helped her overcome her Angina!! Wheat germ oil is rich in Vit E....Another useful oil that is rich in Omega 3 is flax seed oil. Can be useful if you dont eat much oily fish.

Im sure that you Doc must be pleased with you. Have you kept up comtact with the Capt Town chap? i continue to go to the gym 2x per week, and maintain the 60 is the new 40. Why shouldnt we keep fit if we follow the rules?

let me know when the big day is.

Take good cares of yourself,


Sarah. said...

Hey there gorgeous,

You just keep on jogging your cute little butt off. You must be your cardiologist's favorite patient...if I only could get mine to work as hard as you do! You are doing more than most of us who have normal hearts (in structure at least!) and I hope you are so proud of your accomplishments. You should treat yourself with some of that fabulous very bad south african bakery...mmm my mouth is watering just thinking about it!