Tuesday, February 24, 2009

46 days

Today's run didn't look promising when I left work this afternoon. It rained most of the way home, which isn't that much fun on two wheels, but I got home safe. We drove to the school instead of walking the habitual kilometer there and back. It was still spitting when we got there and there were no other crazy people braving the weather...but we have a program to follow, so we ran the 2km down to the hill.

This week was 7 times up and down the hill and the times were pretty much the same as last week except we went another time up the hill. The 6.4km route took 53min (8:16min/km) this time as opposed to last weeks 49:45 for 6km (8:17min/km) so I'm getting better at this. Next week will be 8 hills for a 6.8km run.

It turned out to be a fantastic run with a light drizzle, I don't think you get better training weather.

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