Monday, June 30, 2008

Another week another month

This month has been particularly good to me, I think the cold dry weather really helps me to cope better. When I compare how I felt in summertime to how I feel now, the difference is huge.

This month has been my best yet! If I run 6km this evening, which I will, then my monthly total will be 88km! I'm normally running 6km per training session at the moment and I'm trying to do a 10km every 3 weekends. Sometimes this doesn't work out. I wanted to do one next weekend but was roped into helping out with the race as our club is hosting. So I ended up doing a "slow" 10km yesterday morning. What was really cool was that I really had thought it would be a slow one, like 90mins total. Even with a 2min rest interval and a running time of 45s the total time for the 10km was 79mins.

Upcoming runs/races/events that are already planned are: the 702 Walk the Talk 30km walk, and the Spar 10km Ladies race. But there will need to be a few more 10km soon and then I will need to look at 10-15km races aswell, so that I can get closer to the 21km mark. However considering yesterday's run, I'm sure that I would be able to maintain that pace for a long time and that would mean finishing a 21 in 2:46. I think the cutoff time for the 2 oceans half marathon is 3hrs, but if I'm wrong and it's 2,5hrs then I think I should be able to get to a pace that I can maintain to acheive that time quite easily. I must just make sure I can do the distance.

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