Sunday, May 17, 2015

Day trip to Juifen - 17 May 2015

I'm busy trying to catch up with the things we have done the past few months. My folks were both over in Taiwan, but I won't blog about that. There are so many wonderful little towns in Taiwan and we took a day trip to one a few weeks back called Jiu fen. It was an old gold mining town which ceased operations in the 1970s, started to die and then was regenerated a few years back by a movie that was shot there. Now it's a bustling tourist town on the side of a steep mountain.
These were braaied shell fish like periwinkles, they were quite tasty

Renalda with Keelung harbour behind her

The old, higgledy piggledy town winding up the mountain 

This dragonfly wasn't scared at all, I thought it was a nice photo

This part of the town is mostly deserted and falling apart

I wondered if the taps still worked, alas no.

Beams falling down in a doorway

Wonderfully made slate wall.
We mostly window shopped and walked around not really knowing where we were until we got tired and went home. We will go back sometime soon with a better idea of what to do and where to go.

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