Sunday, May 10, 2009

A bad week

This week has been rather bad for both running and for my new mission. I only got two 5km runs in and there appears to be a problem with my polar getting interference from Melodie's monitor, which effects my results and makes me a little nervous at times. Showing me a heart rate of aroung 160bpm, when I'm pretty sure it's only around 110. We'll have to work something out, but I don't understand why it's happening now, when I had no trouble at the 2 Oceans.

I spent much of last weekend preparing for a presentation i needed to do on Wednesday and my first session with a new student I will be tutoring. I've been considering tutoring as an extra income, because lets face it, we can all do with a few extra bucks. Then I went away with work for Wednesday and Thursday. Pure laziness prevented me from doing much on Friday or Saturday. So all this adds up to not a lot of work happening on the new mission. I plan to get a few pages written today, but I have to watch the Formula 1.

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