Saturday, March 21, 2009

20 days... the irony of it!!

I went for a nice run yesterday morning, because my running partner was not going to be here yesterday afternoon. It was a good run, 5km, just over 35 min, which is just over 7min/km. I set the intervals to 1min running and 1:15 recovery, which seemed to work quite well.

This morning I started a 10km race...the Right to Run in was a flat course and I thought it would be a breeze, but alas, by the three km mark I could already feel my knee and by 4km it was really bothering me, I stayed on the course till 5km and then decided to get back to the finish as soon as possible. So I walked back about 2.5-3km and finished (the 7.5/8km) in 60mins, which isn't too bad I guess considering.

So if you haven't noticed the irony yet then I'll point it out to you. I train for 2 years aiming to finish the 2 Oceans half marathon, I think I am fit enough, cardiovascularly, to complete the race, but now, with 20 days to go, its my knees that are causing me trouble!! From here it's supposed to be plain sailing, money in the ank and all those cliche's. Maybe deep down, subconsciously, I don't want to do this thing?

Well I think next week I'm going to try using my old shoes again. I can't remember feeling this knee problem before I got my most recent pair of new shoes. But I will also make an appointment with a podiatrist, hopefully he/she doesn't tell me to rest it for too long.

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