Thursday, October 2, 2008

Week 38 (22/09/08 - 28/09/08)

I should really try write these the week after, so I remember what was going through my head then, but alas I am lazy. This no morning runs were completed, I felt that the past few weeks had included so many long runs that perhaps taking it easy wasn't a bad idea... hopefully we'll start running in the morning again soon, if I can get out of bed!! A big incentive is that it is getting stupidly hot in the evenings and I'd prefer to run in the (hopefully) cooler mornings.

Monday evening 22/09/08
Distance run: 7km
Route: Boys High (loop)
time: 52:28 mins
Intervals: 60/120

Wednesday morning 14/09/08
Distance run: 4km
Route: Mackenzie (this was a public holiday)
Time: 30:46 mins
Intervals: 60/120

Friday evening 12/09/08
Distance run: 4km walked

Saturday morning 13/08/08
Distance run: 10km
Route: CSIR
Time: 1:17:25
Intervals: 60/90

Total distance this week: 28km

The CSIR run was quite nice actually. I kindof thought it would be a lot worse, but still took it quite easy. There were the hills especially the last one from one side of campus to the other. I however don't think I walked any more of it than I had to to follow the intervals. However the route didn't have long enough downhills to take advantage of, which I sometimes do, by running all the way through my rest interval, and the next running interval, but only on downhills.

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