Saturday, July 5, 2008

Week 27 2008

I'm gonna try do a weekly thing again, see how far I get. Rand 16km this week. It should have been 18 but I ate wrong yesterday. I'm still really amazed at what a difference diet makes to how you feel while training. I usually eat my own lunch that I bring from home. Something like a sandwich on low GI bread or wholewheat pasta with whatever sauce I have leftover.

Yesterday we had a braai for lunch so I had two boerewors rolls for lunch. Also having spent very little time in my office I hadn't had a chance to eat the fruit I normally eat daily either. This all conspired, i think to make me very miserable in yesterdays run, amd I settled for just doing 4km, while feeling the wors bouncing around in my tummy. I can't help but wonder if you get used to eating healthy, and if your body protests when you take a day off.

It's all good though, I'm gonna do a 15km in two weeks time and then walk 30km in the 702 the weekend after. So I'll make up the mileage.

A few months ago I decided I didn't feel like paying too much for petrol, driving an old car, so I bought myself a 250cc motorcycle. I was asked to help out in a race this morning, hosted by our running club. I led the lead runner around the course. Other than the fact that my hands nearly fell off because it was so cold, it was quite fun.

I'm going to Cape Town this coming Friday and I hope to go for a run at my old club, Bergvliet Run Walk For Life. I'm hoping the weather down there is good enough to go out for a 6. Will be nice to see all the old crowd that I used to run with.

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