Saturday, February 16, 2008

Week 6 Exercise Log

Unfortunately this week started off on a sick note. I had a course of antibiotics and had some nasty bugs. So I took stuff easy

Wednesday 6 February 2007
Distance: 4km
Total time: 37:50
Intervals: Walked
Pace: 10:06 min/km
Average HR: 119
Route: Time Trial

Saturday 9 February 2007
Distance: 4.9km
Total time: 52:07
Route: Random Route

Skipped Friday because I had a function. Every time I get ill I seem to retain huge amounts of water or salt, or both. I know this is a little gross, but I can taste the salt when I cough. So I made a concerted effort this week to cut salt out of my diet completely, as I should do anyway, but it's easier said than done. Also this week I was just trying to recover from the flu.

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