Monday, January 28, 2008

Week 4 2008 Exercise Log

Monday 21 January 2008
Distance: 5.2km
Total time: 41:18
Intervals: 50/120
Pace: 7:56 min/km
Average HR: 145
Route: Lynwood

I had a love hate relationship with this run, when we started it was drizzling lightly and I was feeling pretty good, the first half of the route is downhill. We even stopped to try help a stranded motorist... damn automatics! And he was a tit for running out of fuel...we left him there. Anyway by the half way mark we were soaked as the rain had increased, and I was loving it, but on the way back I really struggled! But now that I look at the pace I realise that perhaps I was going too fast too soon. Considering the pace from last week. But running in the rain was great, it wasn't cold, it was just right.

Wednesday 23 January 2007
Distance: 3.5km
Total time: 30:58
Intervals: 50/120
Pace: 8:28 min/km
Average HR: 154
Route: Time trial route

It was raining again, but we were there, so we went for a run, it stayed away for the half hour we were on the road, and poured down when we left. Looking at my average heart rate, I think I need to slow down again.I think anything up to about 145 is fine, but anything above that isn't good. And I can remember not feeling very strong for this run. There are many possible explanations including what I ate for lunch that week.

Friday 25 January 2007
I went for a minor medical procedure, the cause of which doesn't form part of this blog, I wasn't feeling well enough after the local anaesthetic to run.

I said in the last log that I would do the 10km George Claasen run, but I slept terribly on Friday night and decided it wasn't a good idea to do the run.

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