Saturday, July 21, 2007

Week 29 2007 Exercise Log

This week I ran/walked 14.2km in 1hr52.

Stats according to my Polar as follows:
Monday 16 July 2007
Distance: 5.2km
Total time: 42.31
Pace: 8:10 min/km
Average HR: 133 bpm
Energy used: 510kcal
Route: Prestige

Wednesday 18 July 2007
Distance: 4km
Total time: 31:22
Pace: 7:50min/km
Average: 132bpm
Energy used: 376kcal
Route: Mackenzie

Friday 20 July 2007
Distance: 5km
Total time: 38:44
Pace: 7:44min/km
Average: 133bpm
Energy used: 467kcal
Route: Boys high

The routes are really for my reference, they are the routes with marked distances used by Run Walk For Life people to train on.

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