Saturday, July 28, 2007

Since May

Thanks to my Polar S610i and Polar's Precision Performance Software, I have lots of recorded data about my training sessions, that's how I can post stuff like energy usage and average heart rate. But considering we are coming to the end of July and I want to add a summarized monthly report, I need to post what I have done so far.

I started running again at the beginning of May, well actually the last Monday of April but we will leave that one out. Why did I start again? I had been cycling to work three times a week from late Jan/early Feb, but it got too cold to cycle in the mornings and I needed to do some exercise. Add to that, the crazed drivers on the roads who just don't see you or respect that you are made of flesh and bone and their cars made of sheet metal and impact bars! One more consideration is that if I fall off my bike I'm not only likely to sustain injury like anyone else, but with the anti-clotting medication I am on, I could bleed really badly, externally OR internally... so although it is more difficult for me, I think running is a safer option.

So here are the weekly stats since 1 May:
Week 18 2007: 2 Sessions - 3.6km 29mins
Week 19 2007: 3 Sessions - 7.0km 55mins
Week 20 2007: 3 Sessions - 7.9km 61mins
Week 21 2007: 2 Sessions - 6.0km 45mins
Week 22 2007: 3 Sessions - 8.6km 65mins
Week 23 2007: 3 Sessions - 9.9km 1hr15
Week 24 2007: 3 Sessions - 12km 1hr25
Week 25 2007: 2 Sessions - 5.6km 40mins
Week 26 2007: Nothing, I was on holiday in Madagascar... got some flak for not doing anything from the people at RW4L.

May and June add up to about 60km run in... well quite a few hours.

The rest is in July and I will blog about that after Monday's session.

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