Saturday, July 28, 2007

The plan for August and September

I noticed yesterday that when I, by accident, decreased my running interval to 40 seconds instead of 45, I found the run much easier. Whether this is actually due to the difference in interval time or not I'm not sure, it's possible that the route was just easier or shorter. But it gave me an idea.

If I increase my rest intervals, it should make my run easier because I have more time to recover from intervals running. But this doesn't necessarily mean I will complete the distance in a shorter time. If I can run faster in the running intervals that will most likely make up for time spent walking. So what I plan to do is play catch up with my intervals. 

For the mean time, I will always keep my rest periods longer than my running intervals. But if I up my rest interval by 30 seconds I will spend the next week or two catching up to it with my running interval. So for instance on Monday I will set my rest interval to 80 seconds. My current running interval is between 40 and 45 seconds, I will increase this 5 seconds at a time, until I don't feel comfortable anymore and then I will increase my rest interval again.

At some stage I must get to a point where I can decrease this rest period, but for now it's here to stay.

But there is another part to this "plan" at the moment I am doing 14km per week, because I prefer to keep my Wednesday session a 4km session. My last 4km session will be next Wednesday... except for our monthly 4km time trials... then I will only run 5kms for the whole of August and September. Building pace and playing around with the intervals as described above.

In September I will take part in two 5km fun runs, one on Sat 1, at Waterkloof airforce base and I will be in Cape Town for the Spar Ladies race on 9 September... so if anyone wants to join me, feel free :) I already know of 1 person for whom it is compulsory to do the Ladies race.

Anyone have a wig and skirt for me? :P Note to self remember my cycling shorts!!

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Marli said...

If I can make it, I'll join you. But its going to be a loooong swim for me.